///Odonata//WIP Progress/

If you haven’t heard of Concept Ships I advise you to check this blog out immediately! There’s enough concept art in there to inspire anyone to start a new side project. Once I saw this vehicle design by Leading Light I fell in love.

What I love about this concept, it looks as if it could actually work! My brain goes to town when I’m around great designs like these. I was instantly sketching out plans and figuring out how it would really go together from the chassis,┬ájet engine, to transmission. My future plans with this model are to show a war torn version giving you a better look at the internals. I cant wait to paint this thing and finish its materials!

Here you’ll find work in progress test renders that I’ve taken along the way. You’ll notice that the model changes quite a bit shot to shot. Please note that these materials are for sake of testing as I have yet to paint final texture maps. It can really use some grunge/wear and tear.

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