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///Mogulaire Concours// Blackhawk Plaza/ 5.28.11

It’s not every weekend you have the opportunity to drool over your favorite super cars from the past to the present. Last Saturday was one of those rare situations thanks to Mogulaire and Blackhawk Plaza for working together to put this show together. Shooting conditions couldn’t have been better with broken clouds above. I finished my coffee, gathered my gear and set off with a goal to capture the essence of these rare and beautiful machines. It was a truly a feast for the eyes, enjoy!

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///Wekfest 3//Fort Mason/SF

Not your standard “front of car” photos. My mission for wekfest3 was to bring something different to the table. I’m obsessed with the details that usually go overlooked so took focus to the many curves/lighting/reflections that caught my eye.

All was shot with my old Nikon D200 and a rented 12-24mm 2.8f (Thanks again to Borrowlenses for rush ordering me this awesome lens)