///PhotoCrawl//San Francisco

The city of San Francisco, myself, and some much needed urban adventuring. Here’s a collection of shots from downtown Mission to the top of Twin peaks.


Not exactly the ring of fire but this is as much as we could get here in the SF bay area, CA.

Shot at 300mm through many layers of studio gel.

///Blacktrax Test and Tune #4//Thunderhill Raceway/3.4.12

The 2012 track season is off to a great start!!! Blacktrax Performance’s Test and Tune events have been building some serious steam over the last few years and this one marks the largest turnout yet! Round #4 brought us to Thunderhill Raceway located in Willows, CA. With over three thousand shots to organize/edit I owe my coffee maker a vacation. Thanks for your patience while I’ve processed your collections. To those of you that didn’t sign up it’s not too late to get your shots! Contact me for more info. jeremy@blacktrax.net

//Concrete Pillar//ZBrush Sculpt

///Mogulaire Concours// Blackhawk Plaza/ 5.28.11

It’s not every weekend you have the opportunity to drool over your favorite super cars from the past to the present. Last Saturday was one of those rare situations thanks to Mogulaire and Blackhawk Plaza for working together to put this show together. Shooting conditions couldn’t have been better with broken clouds above. I finished my coffee, gathered my gear and set off with a goal to capture the essence of these rare and beautiful machines. It was a truly a feast for the eyes, enjoy!

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///BT Performance//Buttonwillow Trackday/5/13/11

Thanks everyone who came out to Blacktrax Performance’s friday the 13th trackday. It was a killer day out there and I shot non stop. I still have tons more that didn’t make it into this preview mix so if you want to see the rest of your shots hit me up with your car number and I’ll get back to you. Thanks again to Jei and Natalie for putting this event together and inviting me out. It was great meeting new faces and hanging out with the old, hope to see you next time

///Wekfest 3//Fort Mason/SF

Not your standard “front of car” photos. My mission for wekfest3 was to bring something different to the table. I’m obsessed with the details that usually go overlooked so took focus to the many curves/lighting/reflections that caught my eye.

All was shot with my old Nikon D200 and a rented 12-24mm 2.8f (Thanks again to Borrowlenses for rush ordering me this awesome lens)


The Porsche 908/3, a pure bread race car introduced in 1968 to continue the Porsche 906/Porsche 907/Porsche 910 series of models designed under Ferdinand Piech. It’s always been one of my favorites and I’ve finally been able to give this model the precision and time it deserves. I’ve gathered an extensive reference collection to ensure my model is as accurate as possible inside and out. Fun Fact: Steve McQueen piloted a 908/2  at the 1970 12 hours of Sebring and placed second overall.

///Blacktrax’s NYE Trackday//Thunderhill Raceway/



Fresh for 2011: RAWSOME ROBOT GOES LIVE!!!!

///Odonata//WIP Progress/

If you haven’t heard of Concept Ships I advise you to check this blog out immediately! There’s enough concept art in there to inspire anyone to start a new side project. Once I saw this vehicle design by Leading Light I fell in love.

What I love about this concept, it looks as if it could actually work! My brain goes to town when I’m around great designs like these. I was instantly sketching out plans and figuring out how it would really go together from the chassis, jet engine, to transmission. My future plans with this model are to show a war torn version giving you a better look at the internals. I cant wait to paint this thing and finish its materials!

Here you’ll find work in progress test renders that I’ve taken along the way. You’ll notice that the model changes quite a bit shot to shot. Please note that these materials are for sake of testing as I have yet to paint final texture maps. It can really use some grunge/wear and tear.

///25hrs of Thunderhill 2008

///Wall Brace//for Nmap/

I’m always working on models that hold some type of practical application. To say the least I needed a break from reality so I decided to make something completely ridiculous. This overcomplicated wall brace made for an enjoyable single evening speed modeling project.

///Sandy Stuff

Photo post testing…. yup this post works!


One evenings work on a piece sketched by Ian Hill.

Concept pencil sketch by Ian Hill

///CT44//Locar Transport/

Junji Okubo, another inspirational artist that I’ve been following over the years. This robotic transport is from his latest book titled Industrial Divinities. It’s full of realistic/functional concepts that would be found in the industrial workforce.

These two shots gave me plenty of concept to work from, here’s what I ended up with.

Oh how I dream of a render farm at home, bare with me on this low res render. I hope to kick this out in 720 here soon.


Meet Chubu, a multipurpose helper bot designed by Kazushi Kobayashi. Chubu 01 is a robot from an alternate 1957 where robots are the primary mode of transportation. I fell in love with the concept model and decided to make a game friendly mesh as a practice piece. Still have a ways to go but here’s my current progress.

///Baby Eli, Mr. Nephew

Welcome to the family Eli!

///Redline Time Attack : Infineon Raceway 2010